Password Protect files on the Cloud – Cloud secure review:

A software that works to protect your data stored in the respective cloud account in due time. Cloud Secure as stated by the creators can support up to 4 different cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and even the Box Account.Image result for Data security

Official developers of cloud secure can be checked here

Nobody would have thought of having such a software as a few years ago, not even the great cloud storage existed. The only option we had for data storage were USB drives and external drives. A physical tools was necessary to store the intangible data. But the concept was emerged explaining that if the data is intangible, why shouldn’t the device protecting them should also be of the same nature? Researchers therefore had all the resources, time and energy to bring up this ultimately replacing phenomenon ‘cloud storage’.

This only happened as physical drives were deemed to be not safe at all. For example, 1 out of every 5 PC is considered as infected. Now if you go on in the morning to the library and insert your drive into the PC, there is a 70% chance of your USB getting infected. People or users were at the beginning were adjusting to whatever was available but the need for an intangible data storage solution existed since the beginning of the time. But once the cloud storage was launched, it also started facing threats of multiple types.

The software engineers however played their roles here by creating something that wouldn’t make this creation a burden on the users. Cloud Secure for example, comprises of only one password, automatic syncing is active, and interface stays password protected and more.

Features of this software are as follows:

A shelter for all cloud accounts:

Cloud secure acts as an umbrella for to put all your usable cloud accounts, protect them with a password, use them whenever you want and not suffer at all. It requires no or zero effort to maintain the security of your cloud accounts. These cloud services (the supported ones) are protected automatically where viewing the data and accessing your files, folders etc. is possible from a single interface.

Continuous syncing:

Regardless you keeping your cloud accounts locked, this software doesn’t stops from syncing your data into the cloud. But that doesn’t mean your data is at threat or is any there any loophole. It’s only an added feature that makes your laziness of not being in mood of uploading your data into your strength by doing what’s necessary.

Password protected interface:

A single protected interface lets you access all your cloud accounts quickly. But note that you must not lose your password or else, you might have to go through a time consuming effort of getting your password back or recovering your credentials.


To be precise, Cloud Secure is still in the emerging era of making the mark in the category of cloud security. Only a few years have passed away to the launch of this software due to which, it hasn’t expanded as it should have been. But in terms of the service it offers, it has no competition whatsoever. Not many software are able to protect multiple cloud accounts all together. Hence, get rid of those hackers, intruders, prying eyes and snoopers to keep your data safe at all times.

What it has:

Solid cloud security

Easy to use with a single password letting you access all cloud accounts (convenience)

What it lacks:

Using a single password for all the cloud accounts makes it easier for the hackers to access the data stored in multiple accounts (risky).

No strong password generator feature is available